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We were shocked to learn about the death of Dr. Árpád Balla, chief physician, dear friend, colleague, and fellow Rotarian. We knew he was seriously ill, but we hoped in his recovery.
He was a very valuable person, a great loss to the family, the medical community, the city, the Rotary Club, the Pápai Páriz Ferenc Foundation and everyone who knew and respected him. We have been left here by a great man whose life should be an example to which it is our duty to bow our heads respectfully.

I am not writing these words as a farewell, but as a tribute. Now let us not lament the loss of him but be grateful that we have enjoyed his company for a long time. Let’s not just think about grief, but also about the fact that we were happy together. May it be a comfort to his family and to all of us in moments of immeasurable pain.
It was a few days ago when we last met and we were able to speak a few words. Then he put his palm in my palm speaking words of kindness. That palm was as if it had asked and given at the same time.
Let everything you dreamed, started and led, live on.

Endowed with the Sacraments, you can embark on the journey we will all meet one day. May your tranquility be quiet, your memory blessed.

(dr. László VENCZEL)

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Brașov on April 18, 1932.

My wife, Melinda, is a pharmacist, my son Árpád Zoltán is a qualified mechanical engineer and photographer, and my daughter, Melinda, is a qualified economist.

I graduated from the Hungarian Mixed High School in Brașov, then I finished my higher education at the Faculty of Pediatrics of the University of Medicine in Târgu Mureș – with “cum laude”. Between 1974 and 1978 I also obtained the scientific title of doctor of medicine.

I continued my professional activity in Baraolt, as a district pediatrician, and from 1960 in Odorheiu Secuiesc as a junior doctor, specialist and primary care physician. As a pediatrician, I organized a child-centered pediatric ward where I treated the sick child and not the disease.

In addition to research, I was also the organizer of numerous scientific events; I was accepted as a member of several scientific societies.

Perhaps my most important activity was the creation of the Pápai Páriz Ferenc Foundation (2000), because through it we managed to reward Hungarian-speaking doctors and organize training courses for family doctors.

In 1998 I was the founding president of the Rotary Club of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Sântimbru street no. 18/C,
535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc
Harghita county
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