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Beginning with 2002
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All members of our club are dedicated to elite Hungarian language education in Odorheiu Secuiesc. We are convinced that the preservation of our Hungarian community and the development of Szeklerland are inconceivable without enthusiastic, educated and involved intellectuals.

That is why since 2001 we have been organizing a charity ball every year, the proceeds of which are used to award prizes to students and their teachers who have successfully participated in school olympiads organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, Hungarian course competitions in the Carpathian Basin were added to the list of awarded competitions. In addition, students and their teachers who have qualified for the national stage and for the competitions in the Carpathian Basin receive financial support for training.

We look forward to the end of each school year, when we organize an award ceremony for students with good results.

Unfortunately, during the epidemic, competitions were canceled, so in this sense we lost two years.

The size of our program is also reflected in the 183 Olympians and preparatory teachers we awarded between 2015 and 2023!

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