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Beginning with 2014
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Annually recurring
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The most difficult moment of one’s early years is to choose a career after graduation that they will pursue continuously for 30-40 years. But how would a prospective employee know this at such a young age if no one informs them about career opportunities?

In 2014, we launched our career choice project called „Be sure of your career choice“, which aims to facilitate further education and thus the choice of professional career; so that the student’s decision can be made in time (during secondary school), according to his/her skills, aspirations and ideas.

If they have already taken into account their individual physical and mental abilities, ideas and desires and have decided with careful consideration what kind of job can bring them joy, then we will help them experience the given profession in real life.

For this purpose, students are sent for 1-3 days for short internships to various local companies and institutions.

Our project helps students to experience the employer-employee relationship for the first time, to get to know professionals at the top of their profession, to experience the given work atmosphere, strengthening their confidence in themselves and in their professional future.

This experience will allow them to test whether their chosen vocation meets their expectations. They can see and ascertain for themselves, whether there is a place for them in this profession, whether it is worth continuing their studies in this area, and then working in it.

Every year, 50-100 students apply to our program in over 40 different professional fields.

Project progress:

  • Letter of invitation to schools from the Rotary Club Odorheiu Secuiesc
  • Collection of student motivation letters
  • Transcript for host companies
  • Meeting students
  • Feedback
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