Tree planting (2024) 2024-03-20 On March 20, 2024, members of the Rotary Club Odorheiu Secuiesc once again participated in a sapling planting campaign. The planting took place at the Szejke Baths. We filled in the gaps in those areas where afforestation has already been done in recent years. Here, we replaced the dry and broken saplings with a total of 50 new saplings: 10 common ash saplings (Fraxinus excelsior) 20 mountain maple saplings (Acer pseudoplatanus) 20 cornish oak saplings (Quercus petrea)   The total value was 1000 RON. After the completion of the works, we officially handed over the saplings to the Odorheiu Secuiesc Town Hall, which will continue to carry out the necessary maintenance works. Please click here to view the photos More information: Tree planting program