a 2024-04-25 Since our previous initiative, where we donated Teqball tables to schools in Odorheiu Secuiesc, was very popular, we extended the program to schools in the Odorhei area as well. In April, we delivered tables to the following schools: Berde Mózes High School, Cristuru Secuiesc Dr. P. Benedek Fidél Primary School, Bisericani Tamási Áron Primary School, Lupeni Petőfi Sándor Primary School, Dealu Márton Áron Primary School, Brădești In addition, on April 25, the GÓBÉK Teqball Team gave a spectacular presentation at Zetelaka, thus popularizing the sport! The purchase of the tables was ensured from the donations of our sponsors as well as from our own resources.   Support this project! For more pictures, and to see the project page, please click here See also: GÓBÉK Teqball Team The project’s page: Donating teqball tables to primary schools for creating a mass base for the new sport